Tamalewood Award Winners

The Tamalewood Award for the Best New Mexico Filmmaker

proudly sponsored by Tamalewood, LLC presented at the Santa Fe Film Festival


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  • 2008 Tamalewood Award Winner:  Brandon Schmid for Taos

  • 2007 Tamalewood Award Winner:  Billy Garberina for Necroville

  • 2006 Tamalewood Award Winner:  Robert M. Kelly for Borderlands

December 9, 2006 marked the presentation of the first annual Tamalewood Award for the Best New Mexico Filmmaker.  Tamalewood, LLC is proud to sponsor this award.  Presented at the annual Santa Fe Film Festival, it goes to the filmmaker judged to be the best New Mexico talent for the year.  For more details about the Film Festival, click the link above, or to submit a film for consideration at the Festival, click here.