Enjoy the journey and wear the cap and t-shirt for your inspiration!

Give the gift of Tamalewood!


Life is too short to not dream, and put some action into your dreams.

Write out your goals, and then add some real dates you hope to reach.

I believe in you!

                                                                           Leonard J. Sanchez

About Tamalewood

W elcome! to the official “T A M ALEWOOD” website! I am a native New Mexican dedicated and supportive of New Mexico media. As a graduate of the Film Technicians Training Program at Santa Fe Community College and a member of IATSE Local 480 I have worked on major area productions for many years. I first coined the term " Tamalewood" while working on an indie project in northern New Mexico. I have this on-going dedication to the inspiration, and the development of my "Tamalewood' into all aspects of the film industry, and created the annual Tamalewood award starting from 2006 at the Santa Fe Film Festival. Tamalewood remains my copyrighted and legal trademark since the fall of 2005. It has proved a journey developing my trademark through quality products and service. My life has been filled with the finest skilled technicians in New Mexico, and of whom I am honored to be surrounded. All the best! Leonard J. Sanchez CEO T amalewood R
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  1. Tamalewood says:

    Your the best!

  2. Tamalewood says:

    Imagination is what we attach to a shirt with a good memory. Thanks for your shirts!
    Jane Javadian

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