It’s all about the Networking, or exchanging names at coffee and called schmoozing. I would rather be working than schmoozing, sometimes you have to just get out there, and I have found there is no short cut to hard work.
By existing in the business you are already networking, and every project builds your reputation. Clients call because of the word of mouth advertising. I am recommended by others who have seen me work, and the quality of my work is evident.

I don’t have time to hang around people at a party and hope to boost my career. I am already living the career, and it is hardwork that gives you the experience to move up in your field of expertise. Every job is the chance to make the best of an opportunity, to learn from those around me and to pick up new skills.

Paving my way to success meant I was starting small and growing. I never stopped learning the business. Practically anything that you want to learn can be looked up on the internet. Pave your career through education, volunteering with the IATZe productions, go to film school take some courses. The only way to find out which part of the business is a fit for you, is by trying out the areas of this business and Art. Volunteering is a great path to discovering the part of this business that fits your talents.

Don’t quit your day job! Even if you get a job on a movie, you have to eat, after the production has ended. It is hard to get started in the business because at first you take whatever jobs you can get to get the experience you need to move on to larger well paid movies. There are no short-cuts to success. It takes hard work, education, and the experience to build your skills. Along the way you build bridges with people you work with, and by always treating them with respect, and helping others along the way.
If you step on someone to get somewhere, if you take credit for others work, you will end up being treated in the same manner.
Life is not so hard, when you are working with great people. Choose to be the great one for others, and work with other people who know how to do the work. Always choose the higher road, and not argue to get your way. Give up your seat for another, and others see, and know you care and are looking out for their best interests. If you are always looking for your own interests, sooner or later you are on your own and all alone. No one wants to work with self absorbed persons, and whose goal is to work toward paths of destruction to get to goals at all costs.

Avoid anything, and anyone that your guts say is corrupt. Every organization has corrupt pockets that steal our hopes, and dreams, avoid them, make your path filled with the choices of right friends.

Don’t look back at what you might have been, or what you have lost, but find a new situation where you can grow into the new challenges, nothing stays the same unless your in stagnation, take the risk to find your way over the walls of adversity.

I believe you can do this, don’t stay staring at those people, relatives, friends or family that are not supportive, stick to the people you know believe in you. Every person I know that has gotten anywhere in the business has looked for the opportunity, and taken the risks, but avoided taking shortcuts that would be harmful to their own self-preservation.

Its all hardwork, and start today, stop looking for the shortcuts that cut short careers. There is no fast way to get there, unless you work harder than the rest, and even then life has risks, but then if you don’t take the risks you are not living.
Read all the books you can on the subjects you are interested in. Go ahead, I believe in you to take your first step today and explore what you like and can discover in this business, and gain the experience you need through volunteering on a production.