— Brand Merchandise has the T-shirts and caps  that hold my brand, and this BRAND represents and holds its place with movie crews teams for souvenir kindly memories, as gifts and celebrations of an event. I encourage and promote team event collaboration through wearing of my brand merchandise.

My most liked T-shirt is black, and works well with movie moments. Just select this link Shoptamalewood and please enjoy the shopping.


I am the proprietor of the Tamalewood LTD  brand and trademark, and I have licensed this brand to distribute T-shirts AND OTHER MERCHANDISE that bears my brand or trademark for retail sells. Please do not accept another copy, as I am the sole owner of the BRAND.  Please note that I use this brand for the sole purposes as described. If my Brand is used in any other venue that is not endorsed here then it is used illegally. Thank you for noting I use this brand with dignity and without any connection to any other sites that are not appropriate. 


Lennard J. Sanchez